Ship Scale slider

The ships in GSB appear to engage each other at ranges from point blank, to about 1.2km.

Any chance of getting a ‘ship scale’ slider? Just to be able to make the graphics scale down (ship models, explosions, and maybe beam thickness.) Then for those that way inclined, the ships could be made to appear to be fighting over more realistic (and gratuitously far, as opposed to gratuitously close) ranges. Ideally, I’m talking about scaling the objects to at least 1:100 scale, but even 1:10 would be pretty cool, I think.

I don’t think I could fake this with a stats mod, since while I imagine it’d be easy to change the ranges by, say, 10x (unless there’s a hard limit on range like there is for ship size,) you’d need to scale the ship speeds too if you wanted to keep the game balance, and then you’re messing with the hit chances. So it seems a lot simpler to shrink the object scale.