Something that has bugged me for a while. Every time I go to select a hull or load a ship i have to troop though a long list. It would be very helpful if there was a tab sytem
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Just me then XD

Not just you. But just you in this thread. Many others in many other threads.

Seriously, the long list issue seems to stick in a lot of people’s throats. Doesn’t bother me, but there are at least three or four other threads where this has been mentioned at least peripherally to the “main” subject of the thread.

Thanks Ace.
I had no idea.
It only really gets tedious when you want load a design. If you don’t prefix all your ships its very easy to spend more time than you should searching. I’m pretty sure there not even it alphabetical order.

I don’t suppose you know if its being addressed? I can imagine it to be a “big effort-little gain” job.

Perhaps a lesser effort job would be a folder system.

I second this. He already added something similar for deployment, so it shouldn’t be too hard to reuse that code.