Ship Sizes

Hello, I was wondering what ship dimensions work in GSB? Ive downloaded several of the great dreadnought hulls from Archduke Astro , Alimarin and others but when I try to make them bigger even by a slight margin (to make them stand out from the cruisers) it causes a crash.

Yet I’ve noticed that the stargate hulls here on the forum are large - is this because of their DDS file and not their hull dimension?

the game cannot handle a size above… well, i don’t know the EXACT size. but length can stretch FOREVER. but the width cannot go beyond 270. well, at least that’s the size i make them to be safe. just note this only applies to when a ship is destroyed. i had this problem for a LONG time with my space stations… anyway, i’m talking about the .txt files.

The way I found to make the Excalibur larger than normally possible was to make the image very wide, but keep it short. That way I simply made the length very long, and it stretched the ship back into the correct proportions. The only downside to this when you do it it is impossible to place the module points in very front or back of the ship because those points are beyond the 512x512 grid used by all the other ships. That is why the Excalibur only has weapons near the middle rather than at each end. Hopefully cliffski will eventually find time create a dreadnaught class in the game that can use larger image sizes, but it probably won’t happen anytime soon since he’s working on the first expansion right now. For now the best options are to keep it under the about 270 limit, or to stretch it like I did mine.

yeah, ships dont like to be any bigger than that, I tried to have 270, barely worked :confused: