Ship Targeting Error

IDK if anyone has posted about this problem, I am playing the original game no addons, the problem deals with the Unchecking of targets in the target options tab , if you click on a target, the game informs you that if you uncheck that target, the ship will not fire on that target IE, Fighters,Frigates and Cruisers. The problem is even if you uncheck it, the ship still fires on everything, now in the beggining its all fine, but later when you are trying to squeeze out some more points, it becomes really bothersome, mainly because with the ship firing at everything it wastes shots, that you need to take out main targets, this is especially wastefull with any weapon system that takes a longtime to fire, by the time it reloads, you are already being pounded by a Cruiser or Frigate…if any programers read this …a patch would be nice to eliminate this problem, it would be nice for the game to actually do what it says it can do, and i speak for myself and anyone who has noticed this problem and wants those wasted shots back.

Thank You,


widely discussed in the last few days and i fully agree, the AI needs an overhaul
the ship weapons should fire on other targets only if the primary targets are not available and/or fire on for example fighters using only antifighter weapons… no reason to fire multiple warhead missiles, laser beams or plasmas on incomming fighters when theres a bigger chance that hell would freeze over before you`d hit it with that weapon