Shipart for skilled modders

Hi guys

I have noticed the high quality of shipart which is being created and shared on this forums. I myself create mods for a similar game named Distant Worlds which also uses top view 2D graphics. I created quite a lot of ships for that game using pieces of art found on the net or in Sci-Fi games. I would be willing to share this art with a GSB modder ( or modders) who would undertake the timeconsuming process of converting them into the game. Ships are mostly 1024x1024 png. I can of course save them in other file format. Don’t freak out but I have over 200 ships and bases :stuck_out_tongue: not all will be converted obviously. Here’s a preview of some of the ships (the blue lines are for engines -it’s connected with modding DW. I can make versions without blue lines). The ships below were made using mostly shipart from Angels Fall First Universe mods, Sins of Solar Empire and a lot of Gimp obviously:

So, any takers?

The older link was taken down so I reuploaded it and made a mirror just to be safe. (reuploaded 08-05-12)

Weapon sprites and such:


Wow, there are some aweome graphics right there. (the first one is my favorite)
Personally i have my hands full - but there are plenty of other modders out here :slight_smile:

WOW! thats really all i can say about them…

i was planning on making a AFF mod for this game. i had one guy that were going to ask permission from the AFF devs, but i never head back from him… and now im way too busy to start…

great work on those!

supra awesome AFF ships! :smiley:

WOA, the purple one is just epic!!, but one thing, is 500x500 the maximum resolution the sprite is (not even 512x512 the “standar” minimum size recommended) ?? i say this cuz, for making frigates those sprites are awesome, but for big cruisers… the images are a bit small. And for fighters… maybe in-game they will look fine, but in the slot screen… awful. But we can always shot a try.

Nowadays, for example, i never will put a sprite lower than 1024x1024 in GSB… if i am using it as a cruiser… well if it is a standard small cruiser, 512x512 will sufice, in some cases, but when the ship is a bit bigger than that… we need bigger sprites. And right now, the mods that are being created for GSB are mods with big ships, so 500x500 im afraid is not enough. The fighters, even if they are tiny, need better resolution, and a frigate the same.

Anyways, those are really breathtaking designs

That is where you and I differ- I’d never put a sprite lower than 2048x2048 into GSB… Mind sending me a full resolution copy of the purple ship sprite?

lol, u mean, that u will never put a fighter sprite lower than 2048x2048 xDDDDDD!!!

Making a 2048 frigate sprite size is a waste, i only use 2048 on cruisers, but as i said never lower than 1024.

Originally, I made the designs in 1024x1024 and than had to scale it down. Ships in Distant Worlds are displayed in 500x500 ingame max, so there was no point to make ships bigger. However, the gimp files in which I made the ships are 1024x1024 so I would just have to save it without scaling down (something I wanted to do with DW but couldn’t as it was impractical). Anything more than that will decrease the ships visiual quality though. Sadly, thats the case only with my lattest ships. The oldest are saved as they are without any backup gimp files, as I made those only for whole shipsets, not individual ships. I can post a preview of the latest shipsets and u write me which ones u would be willing to mod for GSB or use as complete races altogether.

Here are ships with 1024x1024 backup (the side of the img might get a bit cut for some reason) :


I can SOOOOO make them into a add-on race and quite quickly too. I have been getting burned out of the Eve-online mod and this would be a refreshing break to that. IF i have the time i might be able to get them out in two weeks.

I really like the enthusiasm Lonestar. I’ll send u the HW2 ships first thing tomorrow after I re-save and upload them. From what I can tell (and I can’t tell much), two weeks is really fast for an entire race in GSB. Happy u so eager to work on these designs, I am a big Homeworld fan too.

God, now THAT is awesome!!!

i completly loved the modded HW2 Hiigaran hulls and the modded SOASE Advent hulls, someone HAVE to make races with them, i would do it after PI :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

HOLYYY SHIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX*TTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Dude, if i wast not full of modding right now, i will ask u right away to borrow your designs to make a new “Alliance of super awesome ships” or something xD. 1024x1024 is enough, we dont have to make super hyper mega big leviathans, just big impressive cruisers xD.

Dude i love almost all of em ! xD. But specially the purple ones.

Yeah , i really hope someone gets this oportunity to make another awesome mod. I really want to see those designs in-game. There are plenty of ships to make a lot of races by the way. Everyone could pick up a shipset and make a whole race (i cant, i am full for now… sigh).

P.D…: The greenish detailed ones reminds me a lot to the xindi of star trek :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, just keeps getting better :slight_smile:
By the way, Hang on to those bullet and plasma sprites you made Kalthaniell, we might be able to impliment them soon :slight_smile:

Quick question:
You dont have any images/sprites/graphics for Turrets do you ?

If you can do the Homeword one ships that would be awesome too man, The two player races, as with the pirates, the ones in the Garden of kedish, and um what am I missing I know of.

As for the two weeks It might take me longer than that, but due to my not having a job I really do not have much to do all day except looking for a job. I feel that I can relax and hold that off to pull these ships off. Sometimes have disability paid to you on a monthly bases is nice. As it is ALL that has kept me from being forced to move back in with my Father. But anywho, Do you need my email and if you can make them 1024x1024 for the larger ones, or 512x512 for the smaller ones that would be perfect. But if they all are 512x512 i understand, and as for the blue lines if you can remove em that’s will be good i saved the pictures for a reference as to where they go.

Do I have permission to use parts for those ships for my someday-might-finish-it Fat’um fleet mod?

Were did you come from ship creator heaven :open_mouth: there all awesome i wish i could help, looks like you came at the wrong time for a free modder?!

There is never a good time for a free modder :stuck_out_tongue:

But it looks like Lonestar is going to sideline Eve-online mod & Corvettes, Destroyers and Super-Cruisers for awhile and lead the charge on this one. Hopefully Kalthaniell will have some turret sprites which will make the job that much faster :slight_smile:

I am sidelining the eve-online, and i have forgetting the Corvette, Destroyer, and super-cruiser mod heh yea that i need to finish too. But yea i will lead the charge with the Homeworld ships. But for now i think they will have no visible turrets until i get em from him. That way i might be able to meet my two week deadline.

Sure Randy, just as long as you include credits for the authors of the originall artwork ( I will post the list for each shipset some time soon) and my humble person of course. The more great-looking shipart is out there, the better.

Do you mean the weapon sprites I posted for my Weapon’s mod for Distant Worlds in Matrix Games forums? If you think what is there would look good in GSB than great, because I can make those faster than a Mitsubishi industrial factory releases its products :wink:

As for turrets (as in turrets for weapons mounted on the ship?), no, I do not make that stuff. In DW there are none, so I never really needed to make them, but there are some turrets on some of the ships already. Not sure if you can use that or this is what you meant.

I pm’ed Lonestar the HW2 files so he can work on them as soon as he can. All in 1024x1000 in .png format along with gimp file (.xcf) including all of the ships. I did not really had the time today to look through all my gimp archives but I am pretty confident I made more such backups for the older ships I worked on. They probably are not of the same visiual quality, but still might make cool sci-fi fan based mods (Mass Effect, Freespace, Sci-fi anime, etc). I will make a list of what exactly I have and what resolution it is as soon as I will get a chance to look through it. :] Also, thank you all for your comments on the ships already presented. I really appreciate it and I am very happy you like them.

I now have the files on my pc and will start to hack away at them with i hope that can open gimp files as i find a more easier environment for me to work in. But I CAN use gimp in a pinch if i am forced to Many thanks for the wonderful ships Kalthaniell.

EDIT: Um i ran into a problem with the fighter and bomber, they are both 100 by 100, If i was to scale them down to 56/56 they would look ugly in game and if i were to scale them up to 256 by 256 they would look horrible. Is there anyway you can get them at maybe 512 by 512 or maybe 256 by 256?

Edit ok i have the fist ship damage and hull done.




Whatca think?