Shipbuilding thread

This is the thread for whatever random ships you make. It is also the thread for advice on how to build ships. What it is NOT is the ‘Could someone make this…’ thread. No requests. Just share ships you’ve made and give advice.

Unknown Cruiser, for the Lost race, which is kind of a side project.

Another side project, the Orion mod. This is the reinforced version.

Some extra bits and pieces that people might find helpful can be found in the following threads.

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Picture information is not good anymore.

Messing around and I think I’m also going to add “Gunships” to my corvette destroyer dreadnought mod.

After some testing I have found that the heavy fighter needs more defense, So I have moved it to 6 weapons and 6 standard slots and they seam to last longer, But are still waaay too slow.

designed to be the engine part of the deserter “classified” project. still makes a pretty decent ship on its own…

:open_mouth: Oh man, i love the last two ships, uhm may be the Deserter classified cruiser the Praetorian Ind EX-Angelos Fast Cruiser NEMESIS?? :smiley: :smiley:
Both of them have HUGE engines ^^

You doom has arrived the races has combined into one to kill us all. Kinda like Voltron.

oh noes! its the frankenship monstar!!! :open_mouth:

all your race are belong to us?

Here is my idea about a Cargo Ship, this one has HUGE containers in the back, the real ship is the thing at the front :wink:

The Classified Cargo Barge is the cheapy one of Praetorian Ind, the poblem, it is too fragile and slow…
There are other cargo ships, some of them uses tractor beams techs, others are just a BIG box filled with stuff others are two or three frigates carrying one SUPRA-HUGE container :wink:

Double post…Sry xP

Here is the Classified Cargo Ship with tractor beams tech.

Im not happy with the ship, the containers looks pretty good, but the ship… hmmm, maybe with some change…

sigh i am going to have to lift my game (again)
This is the current Unity Antimatter Tanker

I guess its time for an overhaul . .
[size=80]damn [/size][size=75]community [/size][size=70]keeps [/size][size=65]raising [/size][size=60]the [/size][size=55]bar [/size][size=50]with [/size][size=45]better [/size][size=40]graphics [/size][size=35]which [/size][size=30]makes [/size][size=25]my [/size][size=20]job [/size][size=15]harder [/size][size=10]grumble grumble grumble . . [/size]

LOL sry ^^

Praetors’ “Classified” Cargo Ship and Darkstar’s Antimatter Tanker both make clever use of Order tractor tech. Well done – there’s not enough of that in modding. Just copying the basic hull sections is nice, but hardly exciting. It’s great to see fuller use of the tech here!

My understanding of why we don’t see more modders making full and creative use of Order tech is because it’s neither easy nor quick. That’s really unfortunate, as the Order does offer some major possibilities for new uses.

Really ? - I find working with the order tech quite easy. . . (mind you I have a scrap yard to work from)

But i will agree that the tractor beams and reactor glows take a bit longer since you have to sort out the co-ordinates but its only an extra 5 minutes.

Usually i just can’t mod the order, their designs are really hard to use for me, but this time, i found some advantages ^^

I tried to find the information on them beams but can not find it. Is there a how-to somewhere that is hidden? I tried to search for order, But the stupid search engine refused to look for it.

Good Question . .
Yes the answers you seek are scattered to the 4 winds across the forums.
Are they in a single easy to read format . . probally not.

I am starting holidays soon, since i have nearly cleared my modding commitments, will see if i can write up something.
(might give me something to do on my 30 hours of flights and stopovers)

heh sounds good mate, and thanks.

Here is the classified Small container carrier, a corbette/frigate sized “worker”, used normally for short range, low quantity transport or for transport stuff from huge transport to huge transport xD

It needs some work here and there, the HARDEST part was the Chockpit, i almost created it from zero hehe, nah, but was very hard to manipulate since the Swarm has curvy/aerodynamical shaped ships, i’m very happy with this one (the container and tractor beams needs some quality touch) ^^

Tractor beams code are you asking? I don’t have much time to translate my documentation but probably this may be better than nothing (Order is needed for them to work):

[tractorbeams] //Tractors 0 = 79,304,150,304,54,0 1 = 272,150,272,314,54,90 //Coordinates relative to 512x512 sprite 0 = middlexi,middleyi,middlexf,middleyf,width,angle
Btw, I think nobody posted about the pulse glows code so I’ll also put it up

[pulseglows] //Glowing effects 0 = 192,208,128,600, //Coordinates relative to a 256x256 sprite 0 = x,y,size,time,sprite

The lines with numbers are examples and the line with names are how I call the different variables. I’ll try to explain this stuff when I finish calculating Fluid mechanics related crap.