[ships] Another cool place to get ship gfx

Download 2 now freeware games called “Universal Combat” and “Battlecruiser Millenium” and a program called “BCStudio”, which may even be included, to view the games’ models.

Thats pretty nice. The only problem with ships from other games is that they tend to be massively lower poly and low detail in comparison to the GSB ones.

I somewhat agree but at 1024x768 the ships are still pretty small to notice. Those little brown ships were actually 32x32 pixels :D. Yes, they are blurry, but that’s only from YOUR anti-aliasng :slight_smile:

Immaterial: developers get little enough control over DirectX’s antialiasing. He can’t make it controllable on a per-ship level, it’s either on (for the game) or off. A higher quality image gets better mipmaps as well, which results in a better appearance (antialiased or not).

The ships look decent enough, but they do look fragile. Long, thin parts look very vulnerable because of how our eyes are biased. You’d have to have some serious unobtainium to make that ship strong in those thin parts, as you don’t want the guns blown off.

sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/ … &start=168

Wow, loads of 3d models…

would those little brown ships be off Raptor:call to the shadows?

you play that game? oh, FINALLY, someone else…

i love that game…

we are some of very few these days, but all i got now is the demo.
and a raptor mod would be awesome, player gets to deploy 1 ship vs Heaps of ships.
pity 3drealms went broke.

have you heard of tryian?

one of the dev’s redone a hole lot of ships and tiles http://lostgarden.com/Remastered%20Tyrian%20Graphics.zip
and he has a lot lot of other graphics (pixel art Though) http://lostgarden.com/labels/free%20game%20graphics.html