Ships Not Appearing?

I’ve been having trouble getting GSB to run on my laptop. The first time I boot up the game after installing, it gives an error message; after that, it works fine, except that most of the graphics won’t show up in the game. (In case it matters: none of the graphics (except beam weapons, for some reason) show up in the deployment and battle screens; in the ship design screen, the hulls are invisible, and the weapon modules all show up as blank hexagons.) As far as I can tell, the game is still working; the modules still display information when I hold the cursor over them, I can give ships orders (provided I can find them to click on them), and judging by the occasional beam discharge and the falling percentages in the upper corners, the battles still happen. There’s just a graphics problem preventing me from seeing it.

Now—and I suspect this is the root of the problem—my laptop is a Mac; I’m using Parallels Desktop to run the game, but it would not be the first game that has refused to work on an emulator. It could be be that Parallels doesn’t have the right kind of graphics support to run the game, in which case there’s probably nothing to be done about it, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

I’ve looked through the program files, especially the one marked debugdata, but there isn’t much there, and nothing jumps out at me as the cause. I’m not very computer-savvy, though, so if it helps I can post the contents of the debug text files.

Anybody know what might be causing this?