Ships Standing Around

I’ve been having some problems with my ships being lazy bums, and not actually continuing to attack. See

Around two minutes in here

It isn’t that the ships are damaged. It just seems like they get lazy.

I’ve tried playing around with different orders, vastly increasing the radius I tell them to attack things in, but nothing has worked.

If you select a ship, and then click its weapon modules on the interface at the bottom right, you will get overlaid weapons ranges. It could well be that they are jut slightly short, depending on the exact range, their position on the ship, and the ranges you have set for them to engage at.
The optimum range for weapons is always a bit within the maximum range, so its a good idea to get them slightly closer than their max ranges anyway.

Are the ships in a formation? I’ve found that if one ship in a formation has stopped and engaged the enemy, the others will often stay put.

Slightly off topic here, but I noticed the ship hull you’re using there isn’t available on mine, it doesn’t show up in the ship hull chooser and all options except Federation are greyed out on the Race selector.

Am I missing something really obvious?

When you beat all the levels on a difficulty level you get access to a new race.

Ah, I had misunderstood what the ‘max range’ meant. My assumption was that it was the maximum radius it would look for a ship of a particular priority, before moving on to the next. That will show me not to read the manual, I suppose. I was increasing it, thinking that it would fix my problem. Instead, it is the distance the ship will try to close in to.

I think that perhaps renaming it to something like ‘engagement distance’ would clear things up.