SHOP suggestions and a minor bug.

This would be really handy, I think. After every 5 days, your item benefits run out and you need to rebuy them to get the same effect. This is a bit tedious, because you need to dump them, then go back into the shop to rebuy them. Why not have an option to ‘recharge’ the item for a monetary fee, say for 1/2 to 3/4 of the original price. Have the button appear to recharge the item right on the item box display.

The minor bug that I mentioned. After hitting the recycletron for an item, and accepting that you want to throw something away, that doesn’t clear the screen.

Thisi s actually a great suggestion, thanks! There will definitely be changes to how the SHOP system works; I think many people probably agree with you that the buying/rebuying stuff gets a bit tedious. :slight_smile: