Shopping Modding Guide

There is a page with detailed instructions on how to mod new items into the game here:
Enjoy! And feel free to post any questions about shop modding here.

Cool. Thanks, Cliff.

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When ever I try to make changes like to the Jobs or Restaurant Food when I go back into staring my game it does not load up and I have to uninstall the game and reinstall it. Of course when I reinstall the game all the improvements I had wanted to make is not there. The only thing that I still have is my save games and I can continue from there but with no improvements. What am I doing wrong? and why wont my Modding take. Please help. Thanks

What program are you using to change the files? you need to make sure it just edits them as text and doesn’t save them in a different format, because some progra,ms (like excel) are determined to balls-up the formatting of the text the moment you save them.
There is a text editor called textpad which definitely doesn’t cause any problems, and I recommend using that.

I thought that I was suppose to save the save the file in csv? I am using Excel and I do look for the csv file saving format when I and finished and trying to save it again. I also save the file in the Kudos 2/simulation/ folder where I got the original from. Is that the place to save it? I did make a backup of the original file before I overwrite it but still the Kudos 2 run file fail whenever I try to go back in to play the game.

The files I am trying to change are the Jobs, (making some of the wages higher), the Restaurant Food (adding soft drinks to the menu), the store file changing the prices on some of the item that can be purchased when you go shopping and whether or not they are stealable.

If I can get someone to help me with these then I would be most greatfull. Thanks

Hi, Excel can be a bit dodgy about its file formats. When it saves stuff out, if often screws up the formatting. I use a 1997 copy of office and that version (if bullied heavily) will save a simple text based csv, but I can’t vouch for the gibberish that the XML based versions of Microsoft office write :frowning:

Excel can also combine multiple consecutive commas as a single one, which really screws up the file format. Try using Notepad++ to do your edits.