Shortcut keys?

I’m wondering if there are some keyboard keys that are supported as shortucts or hotkeys? My mouse is occasionally a bit wobbly and having to move it around when it won’t follow tends to get annoying. I’ve found that escape closes certain windows, but for example it closes the activity windows before it closes the friend windows (making it so you check what kind of interests a friend has and press escape it closes the activity window first and then later closes the friend window), which is sort of annoying if you’ve set up an activity and have to redo it.

The mouse-wheel through jobs is nice but I also wouldn’t mind if there was support for arrow keys or something similar. Also arrow keys in the activity windows. Also using some key to go from one day to the next would be nice (or if there is one I haven’t found it. Enter doesn’t seem to do it at least)

So basically I’m asking what kind of other keyboard or quick shortcuts there are to close and open windows and confirm options. If there are any.

I’m also wondering if there’s any way of checking certain things when night falls. For example when writing a screenplay I can’t see how much progress I made until the next morning (When I was doing investigative journalism it did tell me however).

Now I think I’ll try to go and play some more and try to play a loner without any friends and a shitty job! I love the openness of the game. No goals apart from those you set yourself :smiley:

the mouse wheel goes through solo and social activities, and as I recall the arrow keys do them to. I think that the enter key also runs the currently selected solo r social activity as I recall. Suggestions for more hotkeys are most welcome.

Oh, my goodness. Thank you for considering more keyboard shortcuts.

Maybe they’re not used by many people, but they’re incredibly efficient for those who do. Plus you gain an audience of people who would have RSI or problems aiming with a mouse. And laptop users don’t have to struggle with their touchpads.

So here are some basic ones that I would assume wouldn’t make you have to change the UI at all:

C = evening Classes
S = Solo activity
G/F = Group/Friends activity
J = Job search
R = do whatever the sticky Reminder says
P = Check the Phone messages
M = Main Menu
E/Ctrl+Enter = End the day
Enter = End the day when you’ve already done your activities
Enter = Click the Play button when there’s nearly nothing else to do (e.g., description of your commute to work, job, commute from work, etc.)

When a friend invites you:

  • Y = Yes
  • N = No
    = M = not enough Money

Here are some ideas that might take more work:

  • Underline the C in “Change Commute Method” (and make it a hotkey)

  • Prioritize the use of Esc so it works on whatever was clicked on or opened most recently. For example, if I choose the group activity button, pressing Esc should get rid of it. If I choose a group activity, then open up a friend’s details, pressing Esc should close those details. If I choose a group activity, bring up friend details, and then browse the activities for a while, pressing Esc should close the activity window. Pressing Esc again should then close the friend details. Only when there are no windows open would Esc quit to the main menu.

  • Exception to above: if tutorial text pops up because you’ve opened up a window for the first time, it should always be the first to disappear with Esc.

Here’s a suggestion for selecting friends: number them.

  • Your primary friends are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc., so pressing 1 will select your primary friend.
  • Maybe Pressing 1 twice, or 1 and Enter, would show their details. Arrows could toggle between description and interests, and Enter or Esc would close the box.
  • Friends of friends would be function keys: F1, F2, F3, etc. So if I wanted to select my 3rd friend’s 1st friend, I would press 3 F1.
  • Add friends to activities by selecting them and pressing A. So, with the desired activity open, I could press 1 A to add my first friend, and 3 F1 A to add my 3rd friend’s first friend. Then press Enter to socialize.
  • After the activity, the friends are ordered on the left side. Press the appropriate number to see their reaction (i.e., press 3 to see what the 3rd friend down said).

I imagine a lot of the above might not work with the program as you’ve designed it, but even the first few suggestions at the top would make a tremendous difference.

Thanks for a fun game!