Should America annex Mexico??

Seems the Mexican people are having a hard time from what I read. Plus so many feel they must come here just to make a living, when they have a Country with so many natural resources. It seems their Gubment has always been corrupt, and the Citizens are helpless to do anything to correct it. So for the good of the Mexican People, should we Annex Mexico, and make it our 51st State? My Mexican Friends think is a great idea.—then on to Cuba for 52. (since when is expanding an Empire, become a bad thing?)

It would be a bad idea. The USA as it is now is insufficiently rational to manage their own affairs, let alone attempt to exert direct control over regions that are culturally different. In the long run, it would be a good Idea, but more Maturity is needed. Of course given the current trend of attempting quick fixes, there is a chance this might be possible. Not sure though. I’ve wondered if the people of the US would resist the introduction of a 51st state.

Depends, does Mexico have a lot of oil?

The U.S should take more care about their southern states before getting even more of them, in my opinion.

There’s been more talk of America annexing whatever nation is in the distress at the time. Now, there’s one problem with this idea: Nation-building is expensive, and hard. In the past, the USA has invaded nations at great cost, occupied and developed them at great cost, and then left a successful nation behind. Japan is a good example of this. The problem is, this rarely benefits the US. And there isn’t much money to waste, either. With an enormous debt both national and for many states, the needs of the citizens of the US have to be focused on and annexing Mexico or Haïti or pretty much any other nation isn’t advantageous enough to warrant that. Mexico is a deeply troubled nation, as well, and the costs of bringing it up to American standards would be enormous. Furthermore, there’s enough people worried about the spread of immigrants that do not speak English as it is…Imagine how long it would take for a whole nation to speak English. You could make Spanish an official language à la Hawaiian, but it would spread to the northern states and likely negatively (in some opinions) affect the language and culture of the United States.

That’s the most awful and stupid thing I’ve heard of in a while.

I’m assuming the question was meant as a joke, especially since so many Brits seems to think we USians suffer from a lack of irony. :wink: