Should climate change adaption fund affect cyclones?

I just played out a very long game just to see what can’t be prevented due to “year” input. Cyclones was something I couldn’t seem to do anything about. I had long since de-carbonized my own economy, but year and global economy kept creating global carbon emissions. This led to the cyclones crisis (in Germany, so a lot of the world is getting cyclones by this point). I figured that the climate change adaption fund would make sense as a way to mitigate the damage, only to discover that there is no link. I’m not saying the fund should prevent the cyclones at all, but I would think that cyclone proofing my nation’s infrastructure would be one thing which this fund does.

There also doesn’t seem to be any representation for my nation having an impact on the rest of the world. My nation is an ultra high tech country with very little trade regulation, mostly open borders, and generous foreign aid. This really ought to have some impact on the rest of the world.

I’m currently running the top listed mod in the workshop called “overhaul”, and it’s quite good, has more things to do with the country, and modeling for becoming a global superpower. I have to say I feel quite odd being a heavily militarized global super power Germany…but between the “German culture” impact on productivity and the unification tax, Germany is really OP.


I really thought Climate Change Adaptation Fund did something about Cyclones, it’s weird it doesn’t. I always thought that was the high-cost silver bullet to climate woes, which nails the coffin shut, so long as you have all the other environmental infrastructure.

I too am remiss that prosperity in the game doesn’t give you the power to offset the woes of the rest of the world (lowering global emissions and immigration spikes in the process). Perhaps it’ll be an expansion.

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Yes, this is a persistent issue where the “year” modifier is a crude way of approximating some events, and it needs to be changed in the game across the board.