Should single parents be forced to look for work?

Should single parents be forced to look for work?

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It sounds like a Democracy Dilemma, but it’s in the UK news today: … le_parents

The question being posed is, should parents be forced to take work (and stop claiming benefits) once their child reaches 12 years old, as opposed to 16 (the current limit).
This is in order to reduce the number of UK people on benefits, and thus reduce the welfare costs.
What do you think?
Currently the vote on the BBC has 79.8% saying they should be forced to work.

I’m not convinced that smaller government is better; certainly, government can do some things more easily, and with greater success, than the private sector. From what I understand, you Brits are familiar with the joys of privatization of your railway system–and look what it brought you.

That said, I can’t see any advantage to government involvement in this aspect of private life. Surely, if Tony wants to reduce poverty in single parent families, he can find other initiatives. Nor do I understand how he plans to reduce the problem if longterm jobless refuse to work. Reducing benefits will certainly move them out of the house–onto the streets; and children who have no options or involvement in this will end up hurting, too. The problem seems ot me too complex, the solution too blunt, to achieve the goal.

I read that yesterday in the same source you got it from. I have to say that from personal experience that reducing the amount of assistance people get, and insisting on more invasive measures into their lives is a recipe for failure. Your criminal outreach program (yeah right, that’s an oxymoron at best, I know) is a prime example of that. Therefore I say no. it puts an added burden on already overworked care workers and allows too many people fall through the (widening) cracks.

This is interesting actually, I voted no, I don’t know the British welfare system well, what this sounds like though is not that they are not being taken off benefits but rather being moved onto a benefit where they are probably required to fill out a form every fortnight saying they have applied for a job or two, I don’t see many people who have been stay at home parents for 12+ years finding a job too easy, especially with plentiful low skilled workers from eastern europe, so i don’t see too many circumstances changing alot.

As a whole the measures with better childcare and partnership with private job training agencies looks pretty good to me though.

Wow, i swear i don’t sound this conservative on most issues…