Should the link between Ethnic Minorities and Border Controls be reevaluated?

Title. In the US, legal immigrants, particularly Cuban Americans in South Florida and largely Hispanic counties on the Texas-Mexico border have been tending more conservative in the case of illegal immigration. It seems to me that the hit to Ethnic Minorities from Border Controls is too strong; maybe it should be less significant assuming it shouldn’t be neutral or positive.


By how much lower do you propose?

Yeah, it really should be more of a liberal vs conservative issue. It’s among the creases in this game is that some of who believes in what has a few wires crossed. Ethnic minorities are presented as a redundant liberal group, much like how religious are presented as a redundant conservative group.

The other one I don’t like is the patriot group. This game often uses patriot as a euphemism for racist. That’s particularly annoying when the patriot group is growing because of the space program, and then people are angry about immigration. The people eager to see the next pictures from Hubble of James Webb aren’t the same people screaming to get da immagrunts outta muh cuntry!

I think that this would involve a deeper conversation about the assumptions Cliff has made about the game.

He has taken every group to be an extreme (pure) representation, and that by the interaction of these extremes, realism would be an emergent property. You might have to speak to him about this foundation of his game, which he probably would not change.

I’ve no specific number in mind. I think I’d agree more with @Rabid ‘s position that maybe it shouldn’t factor in at all, but I’ve not given it a great deal of thought. It seems to me that immigrants and minorities would be more concerned with things that help them assimilate to the culture, such as Foreign Language Classes, but should otherwise have few things that interact with them. That said, I’m not familiar with any studies on the matter, so I’ll defer to @cliffski ’s knowledge.

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I guess this might be a legacy of the time when the game didn’t distinguish legal/illegal immigration and thus didn’t have Immigration Rules. Border Controls used to be just an ‘immigration slider’ in D3 or older builds of D4. So it might need some renewals by now.