Show off your factory!


So in the other thread we learned that we can now attach .sav files to forum posts. Also, I saw enzymus post his factory and my immediate reaction was “I wanna check out how he does things!”. So I thought probably others would also appreciate a thread where you can look at factories and/or post your own.

[size=150]WARNING: Loading enzymus’ factory counted as me completing the challenge that’s complete in his save. So if you don’t want these saves to change your status on the main screen, don’t download them.[/size]

Here is my most complicated factory so far, it’s only from the Intermediate scenario so it’s not huge. It’s from the “Show me the money” challenge, it’s at the point where I decided that my current income would be enough to get me master level on the challenge, so from here on out I just spent my research/ingredient points, made some patents, and fast forwarded. At the point of the save only the Standard level is unlocked, though.
CA14.sav (427 KB)


If you want, you can reset the achievement(s). It is stored in the “” file in the /Saves directory.
I reformatted this slightly for clarity, but here is an example of Scenario “Bottom Line”, on game tick 2522, Master Level (=3).

	"id": "bottomLine",
	"completedOnTickNumber": 2522,
	"medalAchieved": 3,
	"winningNumber": 1640,
	"companyName": "MyCompany"

You can just delete that section to reset a particular Scenario. You can also edit it to revert to some prior achievement (e.g. back to “expert”).

Note, editing these files, (as opposed to MODs) is likely not recommended by Tim/Dev. Backup, etc. 1st.
Would be nice if we had a supported function to selectively “reset” any particular Challenge.


Heh, interesting. Sorry about that. Yes I can see that being a problem potentially. Maybe something for Tim to take a look at?

I see you’re much more prone to using autoclaves/condensers than I am. You’ve probably used more in that one facility than I have in all my factories combined!

Incidentally - I see you’re playing as Barclay - he’s by far the strongest AI (certainly for patents and generally causing trouble) - if you want a challenge you may wish to play as one of the weaker AI’s.

Attached is another save - no victory conditions met (or going to be met without changing stuff) so it shouldn’t trigger anything. It’s basically lots of cheap lines as I work my worked to getting 18 products out there.
You’ll see I’ve coloured my belts - it helps differentiate the lines.
Advanced - Regulation business 7.sav (404 KB)


It works both ways!

My loading your factory (where you’ve met the the “standard” condition), downgraded my earlier “Master” victory! :-o Heh.
(Edit: Bug reported: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=14642 )


Editing this file was the, ahem, ‘exploit’, I used to show Master Level on every Challenge so soon after production release:


So many dirty secrets! :-o


Oh I don’t really care about that, it’s just a warning for other people who might :slight_smile:

Well, I just got the chromatograph, and I didn’t get the ultraviolet curer yet, so I didn’t really have other options, autoclaves and condensers it had to be :slight_smile:

Compared to the ionizer and agglomerator, they are usually better price-wise, though I am starting to feel that in some cases I should pay attention to their space requirements too, and maybe sometimes avoid them because of that.

I know, I rotate my portrait for every game, so I can go against all AIs, this one just happens to be with Barclay :slight_smile:

I know about coloring, I have used it before, when stuff got too confusing, but I guess it didn’t get too confusing for me on this map yet :slight_smile:


That’s why I generally stick with ions and aggloms; they’re much smaller and far less faffing around because you don’t have to double up (dual autoclaves especially). Chromo’s are good but I never have them when I need them! :frowning:

Ah ok; it took a while for me to figure colouring out (into the Advanced series I think).
Nice factory though. :slight_smile:


Could it be possible to “delete” scenario info on the savegame so that it doesn’t affects to other people?

I succesfuly modified a save data for unrelating it to a Scenario challenge. It won’t show the Objectives tab, and everything is kept as is.

However, I dont’ like the idea of “hijacking” savegames for sharing them (some people could mesh up things and “destroy” their savegames)… An “Export factory” option could be nice for this.


I think you are suggesting editing an existing save game (perhaps created from a Scenario) and changing the Scenario to: “scenarioId”:“customgame”,
so that the game will load it, but not effect the Expert/Master level reached for the original Scenario.

Makes sense to me, and brilliant use of editing. That way people can send each other save games that won’t affect Scenario levels (as long a a related .png is sent, or created, as well).


Just thought I would share my little enterprise. Started this game when the game released. Didn’t have time to finish due to work until now.

Aimed at profit maximization. Not sure if I could have saved more space and money if I aggressively upgrade aggro/ioniser and replace all condenser/autoclave. Couldn’t be bothered.

P.S. anyone knows if it’s possible to get S+ for the level 5 drugs? I waited a while, stuck at S with full regulation upgrade, got bored and quit.
ARASHI08.sav (638 KB)