A more Interactive Showroom or something we can do other than advertising to improve sales. Advertising doesn’t seem to make cars move much faster. Especially once you reach 300 or so cars produced an hour and your have 900+ in the showroom and they aren’t moving fast. Kind of lose interest in the game and start over new when I reach that point. I also have a problem with my inventory in every game that dealerships always remove my features that I put on the cars. What is the point I work for a Dealership. We never removed features we add things like aftermarket alarms, tinted windows, etc.

Hi, the late game definitely needs some balance, and this is planned. Plus more content is coming in the shape of new van car type and also electric battery production.
Regarding the showroom, what d you mean by removed features? It can be confusing when you add a feature to an existing model, because the showroom will then say that the feature is missing, but its actually means that feature just never got installed. I may look into the wording of that, to make it clearer…

Very nice! Do you have any plans on adding Turbos, superchargers, etc. or anything like that so we could make a performance trim level for our vehicles? different engine types, 4 cylinder, V-6, V-8? Also mainly the dealership inventory system needs some work or if we could run deals on our older inventory vs discounting all of our inventory at once? Those are all just ideas. I enjoy the game a lot but some more features or something would be great for this game. I am not sure your end vision for the game but you are doing a excellent job on this game so far! You show you are listening to your fans and that is great for a developer. Your fans are your game! For that I thank you!

Hi, I definitely want to introduce different performance levels for the cars, which is how we will get some of the luxury car options, but the problem is there are electric and hybrid cars too.
So ideally it would be simple to just upgrade an engine across all 3 power-train types (ICE, Hybrid, Electric), but obviously terms like V-4, V-6 etc make no sense when it comes to electric motors.

I wonder if High performance and Super-High performance are vague enough to make sense, or whether that will seem a bit too simplistic. There has to be a lot of compromise when it comes to being accurate, and being fun :smiley:

Well here is a good example of what I am saying the the performance model idea. Subaru… they make the Impreza and they make the performance model the WRX variant of the vehicle and the even more performance model the STI. Or using Toyota as an example the Tacoma they offer a inline 4 cylinder and a V-6 model. Even the smaller cars like the camery have a 4 cylinder and V-6 variant and then they have the hybrid variant as another trim level.

Or here are some more ideas:

Transmission types manual vs auto
Drivelines Front wheel vs Rear Wheel vs All Wheel
Turbos would be a great addition like the Subaru example turbo performance model vs base non-turbo

Questions: How come you are so focused on hybrid and electric vehicles right now? Is that the direction you are trying to go with the game?

These are just some ideas of what I think would improve your game even more. Like a said before this game is great so far and I know you have a lot you are working on. You really are doing a great job and keeping active with the community. I enjoy playing the game!

I have gone with hybrid and electric vehicles first because to the gamer who is not vaguely into cars (or doesn’t even drive), the intricacies of turbos, transmissions etc are probably less obvious. Everyone knows some cars are hybrid, some are electric, most are diesel or petrol/gas.

Of course that doesn’t mean I dont want to introduce engine and transmission types. The only problem is stuff gets pretty complex, as for example all hybrids and electrics have to be automatics, and stuff like fuel-injection makes no sense for a pure electric. I’m still thinking of the best way to implement those options without it just causing mass confusion.

Which is great I am just a fan of the game and giving you feedback on my person experience and recommendation personally what I think would make your game more fun. I saw with 64bit you are going for larger maps I believe which would serve this game extremely well. Would you be willing to explain to me exactly how sales at this point in the game work? random? or is there some kind of multiplier based on something that effects how fast or slow vehicles sell? How come a lot of the vehicles go through the assembly line and have no defects or anything and still end up with uninstalled features how is that decided?

the ‘uninstalled’ text is a bit misleading. it basically means that a feature that is now included in this model, was not included at the time that car was made. I may remove that warning, or think about renaming it.

Sales of cars are based on a whole range of factors, the fit between the car body style and customer desired style, the relative cost compared to the feature list, and whether any ‘expected’ features at that price range are not included in the car…

So basically how it sounds is that if we update the design such as “model year” refresh and add features the old model year if you will does not have those features. is what it sounds like you are saying. We should have a way to sell off our old “model year” cheaper to allow us to make room for the new updated model. Offering discounts or wholesale right? maybe at this point that is not a possibility but maybe in the future.

This is a just a suggestion.
I tend to get to the point where I have too many of one type of cars in the show room.
It would be good if you could discount certain models rathe than all the cars in the show room, and be able to do different discounts on more than one type of model at the same time,
Like 10% off the soft tops
And 5% on the pickup

Most show rooms would have some type of deal going on so offers would on last for so many days.
Also make it so you can’t use the same offer for certain period of time so you can’t run them all the time