Showroom's filters and details

Hi everybody,

I find it is not very easy to find a particular car inside the stock. We must move the mouse on each car to find the one that interests us. It would be easier to have different filters to find it.

Here is an example of how I see the case:

  • In the top left: the different filters possible.
  • Top right: the stock (as currently).
  • Bottom left: the car selected in the stock.
  • Bottom right: the details of the selected car with a summary of the production on this model at the end of the chain.


How it works ?

In the top left, the window allows to make a first sort by displaying only the models designed (sedan, SUV, Sport, …). The screenshot shows that I have 8 sedan models. I haven’t searched for another type of bodywork yet.:slightly_smiling_face: But, we can easyly imagine have more SUV, sports, 4x4 etc …

To see what is produced in mid-range only, i select the “Mid-Range” button. This and that stock window are updated for showing only production of this class.

By clicking on a model (in top left window, the blue car for example), the stock is updated again and showing the vehicles produced for this model only, this time.

Finally, to refine more the search, i apply a third filter, to select only cars that interesting me: New cars, unistaled features, defects or ‘unistaled features and defects’ (the label of new cars, triangle yellow, orange or red). The stock is once again update by displaying only this choice.

All that remains is to select the desired car in the display of stock.

The detail of this car is showing in the lower part (as is currently the case) with informations, unistaled features, defects, time spent in the showroom and customer reviews, and even more.

We can also imagine, pair this window with the discounts tab.

What do you think ? It’s doable?
Thanks for yours answers


I like this Layout, Great work. I could see this being very helpful.

Wow this looks really nice. Sorry I haven’#t got around to looking at this thread before.

How does this look? :smiley:


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Well, it gives you some info about potential problems, but that info is useless if you cannot act on it.
Am I missing something or you cannot set a individual price for each once produced? Or custom discount for one item?

Because if you cannot act on info that is provided, that info is useless…

Customers thoughts should be tied to whole model of a car, not individual car…

Well the problem is, customers thoughts may often be about That car and not the whole model, because as you add or remove features to a car, the one in the showroom (especially if it has been there for some time) may be different to the latest version of that car, and to others of theoretically the same model in the showroom. If you add a bunch of new features, the thoughts that say ‘insufficient features’ might not be applicable to the new model, but specific to an older showroom model exported before you added those features.