Shuffle the wheel assembly.

Just got this comment on one of my vids:

Damion Rayne
My main gripe: Fitting tires THAN fitting brakes. So, you fit the hubs and tires on, rip them off on the next station to put the brakes on the axel, then put the tires back on? That’s not how that works. You fit the brakes on to the hub, then put on the tires and hubcaps. Anychance you could throw that at Cliff? :slight_smile:

Yeah +1 on this, was going to post a new thread but you got it KoS! Always thought brakes should go on first.

+1 … I agree that the Brakes can only be mounted before the wheels/tires are added. :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently you put on rims, then tires, then brakes… that can’t be right.

First, rims and tires are combined before they are put on the vehicle, tires have to be pressurized and tested. “Wheels” to me is a completed rim+tire product.

Second, brakes need to go on first.

So, a sub-assembly for rims+tires, goes to the main-line “Wheel” attachment slot AFTER the brake attachment slot.