I enjoy the game, but is it really WAD to be sick for months on end. Despite having health and fitness over fifty and bathing regularly an dnot jogging in the rain, I am sick every other year and it lasts for four to six months despite resting at home, bathing and sleeping. Is this really WAD? It really ruins the game IMHO

[size=75][color=brown]I’m pretty sure that sickness is caused by not cleaning your home, also. Make sure it’s cleaned regularly.[/size]

Saphira is right. you can be stressed, you can be sick, and you can catch a cold. High stress leads to stress sickness, germs in your hosue lead to sickness, and jogging in the rain (or other outdoor actiivties) give you a cold. You will need to clean your house and have a bath before theres a chance of getting better.
the fitter you are, the less likely you are to get sick, and the quicker you recover. Also, the more pets you have, the quicker your house gets dirty.
You can always pay for the cleaning service :smiley:

Hmm this actually occurs while using a cleaning service although it usually terminates at some point during the sickness due to funds running out. I alternating cleaning, resting and bathing (until money runs out why does it cost money to take a bath. I didn’t think you guys had those shilling water heaters in the bath rooms anymore.) Oh well. getting to be a real bother.

By the way, your active presence in this forum is appreciated.

Water costs money to use

Ever hear of a water meter?

and hot water too. Not cheap :smiley: You might be stressed or have a cold if being germ free isnt helping. if you cough, its germs, sneeze and its a cold. I don’t recall exactly what the stress illness sounds like.

right now i have a dog and a cat next i should get more pets. :slight_smile: :smiling_imp:

Don’t forget that you pay money for soap and shampoo.

I LOVE BEING EVIL! :smiling_imp: