side effect of fighters/beams going over/under cruisers

If a fighter goes under a cruiser… And another cruiser (at a higher height to the first cruiser) fires, say, a tractor beam at the fighter… The beam will go over the cruiser, yet the fighter is underneath it. This looks very strange :slight_smile:

I’m not sure there’s an easy solution, short of having the beams actually angled (as I suppose they ought to be), which could produce it’s own visual artifacts (a beam going ‘through’ a ship it wasn’t actually targetting.)

It doesn’t really matter much, either way, just thought you should know in case there’s some nice solution to it, that I haven’t thought of :slight_smile:

maybe it would look like the enemy is targeting the cruiser instead of the fighter if it does that?

It already does. It’s strange seeing enemy cruisers play beams and tractor beams over each other… Until you realise they were shooting at a fighter that happened to be flying under it :wink: