Silly registration question is silly

The question “who was the hero to the first star wars movie?” kinda implies Positech Games only wants a particular kind of client. So, I googled the question and it turns out I don’t give a damn. Furthermore, I’m not the only one.
I understand that many gamers will be nerds, and that many nerds will have Star Wars trivia memorized. That’s cool. Unfortunately, this leaves out anyone who’s either avoided Star Wars because of overexposure or those who treated it like a normal movie (watched it once and moved on).

Honestly, I really like that you’re adding personality to the whole human confirmation thing. That’s neat. However, when I have to google some trivia so I can confirm I’m real my desire to spend money dies. My then corpsified desire is then desecrated by my reason for being here, which is finding out why your games won’t work on my computer and how to fix this.

Also, because I’m touching on a Holy Grail of fandom I expect I’ll get irrelevant flaming. Please, prove me wrong.

I have to complet agree with you here-
(I only haved the audio book of one part heared once as I never haved a big interest in tv/kino/video)
Also asking for the name leave you unclear do we have to enter the first name , the family name or the complet name.

Hadn’t considered the possible confusion as to which name the question refers to. Thanks for pointing that out.

I am 100% in agreement with you, dynsetu…I also faced problem problem while registering to forum. I failed at least 7 times as I don’t know the answer. Can’t you please ask general question like name of current UK or US president or his wife’s name…or 10+9=…

Now there is no problem, thankfully. I have no problem registering.