Similar game - Free Enterprise

So, I’m curious - who here has played the very similar game Free Enterprise?

It’s from 1996, and as I’m unsure what Positechs position is on 20 year old Abandonware, I leave it as an exercise for the user to find a link to it if you want to try it (I don’t think you can buy it from anywhere - it’s not on GOG for instance). It’s an excellent game, but because of its age, it has some fundamental limits - it’s only possible to build 127/255 (I forget which) units of belts for instance, which as you can imagine limits the ability to build big complexes.

This is about the limit of what it can allow:

For one thing belts (conveyers as they call them) can go over/under each other, most of them are underground in my big screenshot so that the staff (who you need to employ) can walk around.
Plus you can mix components together much more readily - there’s only one machine that does that in BP, whereas almost every product can benefit from it in Free Enterprise.
-Other great features:

  • storage - you can store inputs, outputs, and even intermediatary points while the market adjusts.
  • There’s a load-balancing machine (the 1*1 big green boxes in the screenshot) which feeds into and out of storage.
  • There’s not a fixed rate of 1 unit is 1 unit like BP (except for the Drug Packer). So 1 box can represent 1 motor or 100 units of screws.

All in all its a much more complex game, though the metagame (staff & building management) is a bit rubbish. The big problem is the belt number issue, you simply can’t make large setups. :frowning:

BP however is much more polished except for the minor interface issues.