Simple ideas to fight policy spam

I don’t know about you guys but I often find myself with a screen swarmed with policies and simulation bubbles, especially when I have mods (and now DLCs) installed.

Multi-sliders policies!
Each policy could have several sliders. Some policy are very complex and one slider can mean gross simplification. In such a system, the effects would be an aggregated result of the combined sliders.

here is a small example

This could also help a lot in drugs, prostitutions, gambling or tobacco policies.

The secondary sliders could also be checkable or not depending on the thematic.
Some policies could have linked sliders with the sliders, each sliders being a part of a percentage.

An excellent example could be “State school cursus regulation”

Those would be checkable icons when applying sliders on a decision is just artificially forced by the game design.

For example, in the case of langage class, you could have a slider for none/optional/mandatory and checkable icons for the types of langages available* (national, regional (spanish, french, german), traditional (corse, flemish, walloon, gaelic, occitan), classical (latin-greek) or foreign (chinese, arabic, etc)).
*The examples given here are to understand what it could represent in the case of an european country)

I think these ideas could greatly improve the toolbox for Democracy and open new ways to think the whole simulation. What do you think?

I think this would be a great idea. I for one have 8 mods I want to download. I think taxation ought to range from 0-99. I don’t know of anybody who would set taxes to 99 but it could happen.

That’s a very nice idea!

Perhaps yes but I guess there is the issue of the endlessly controversial Laffer Curve. I guess it would be a reality if one set a tax at 99%.