Simple newbie questions: Race unlocking, racial weapons.

I have beat all the missions with the original race, and played a bit with the 2th race (rebels) doing missions, I have beat with that race the first, second and last missions.

What triggers the unlocking of the other races?

I can’t see the weapon that disable shields on the “rebel” race, are these weapons limited by race?

Beat ALL of the missions again in hard or expert difficulty.


Like Folo4 mentioned beating every mission on hard unlocks Empire and every mission on expert unlocks Alliance, at least I think that’s the order.

As to a weapon that disables shields the only one I know of is the Disruptor Bomb Launcher for frigates that all races have access to.

I have all the modules listed in a file I’ve put up in another thread. As far as I know it should be accurate info, at least if I find something wrong I update the file. It’s in this thread Modules Stats at a glance 1.07 current Ver: 1.10 9/12/09

Hope that helps answer your question.

Err… Which is which?

opps, expert for alliance I believe, I edited the first message.