Simple playtesting question...

Here it is “who do i have to kill to get in on the eventual beta testing for gbs2”.
GSB is one of my favourite games of all time. It friking rocks.
btw thanks positech for stealing hours away from me…

Welcome aboard, jlewis2000.

Well, well. :slight_smile: If you’re looking to hack and slash your way in, the least you could do is spell the sequel’s acronym right. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, you or anyone else hoping to play even an incomplete GSB2 is just going to have to be patient. The developer is extremely busy with the early alpha; it’s nowhere near playable yet by someone who isn’t him.

As for the future beta, I predict that some sort of “beta pre-release” period will be implemented for the public, where anyone who buys the game during this period gets to test the game before it hits version 1.00. I’m not promising that’s the case, though – I’m just making an informed conjecture.

Yes, the original is a great game. After a long, long metaphoric winter, it’s good to see that GSB has begun to turn into a series rather than remain a single game. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Well then…that would be alot of work to play GSB2…