Simplified Chinese localization workshop and request for official language support

Hi Cliffski,

I uploaded the simplified Chinese localization MOD in the workshop, and now it works very well!
Here is the url link: Steam Workshop::简体中文本地化测试

Because the game has been updated, now Chinese localization did not update some of the latest text, but it is available! I believe it covers more than 95% of the translations. I hope Chinese players can download it in the workshop, and that I can invite Chinese players to test and improve it with me!

After the final completion and stabilization, I hope you can add simplified Chinese language support to the official language support! I will provide all our translations. We are a professional localization team providing official Chinese for indie games. Therefore, we are very sure to ensure the quality of translation and subsequent update.

If it is allowed, could I get your personal contact information? Email, Skype or any other contact information is okay. Please forgive me if it’s impolite. I can’t get in touch with you through the forum in time. I am very eager to share all the latest news with you!



@cliffski Sorry to disturb you, just in case you miss it~

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OMG I totally missed this. It sounds awesome. I would love to have Chinese language support officially. You can email me direct at cliff AT positech dot co dot uk!