Single issue voters

Many people balance how they vote, and are willing to put up with a few things they don’t like in order to try to vote for whoever they think is the best of what’s available. Others are single issue voters, who will ignore all other matters for the sake of the one thing they’ve decided to vote about. This behavior is currently unrepresented, as is evident by this screen shot:

I’m trying out Spain, and it really blew out my usual plays that so many people start out religious, but with no term limit to contend with I eventually got the country set up the way I like. The way I like a country involves teaching evolution in schools and tolerance for the LGBT community, so these guys want to burn me at the stake…except they…don’t? Apparently I have some Schrodinger’s politics going on where they support and oppose me and do both fanatically. I’m sure some of them would still support me due to whatever upset the opposition had come up with, but most of these voters should vote for whoever is on the ballot and isn’t me. By this point in the game it’s a moot point as they represent a whole 1.85% of the voters, but it would have been a problem earlier. I kept them somewhat happy until I had brought them down to 40ish% with technology grants and space program, then went all out Fox News “War on Christmas” on them. Still got re-elected.

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That makes sense. Hope they could implement this. Maybe some voters can be so heavily involved in one category that nothing else can balance it out.

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Single issue voters are reflected by apathy as far as I know. If you only care about one issue, you would not be very motivated to take part in politics for the most part.