Sitting on the fence.....

Been playing and enjoying hte demo, after stumbling across this game entirely by accident. Boy have I been missing out on some fun :slight_smile:

Now…I have a dilemma.

I plan on buying it in some shape or form, but don’t know which to plump for.

I love modding games, and from the look of things I am reading in this forum, there is plenty you can do as well as buying the official add on races. The prospect of being able to make my own really makes me want to spend money.

I also like the idea of the new campaign.

So…the question is…if I make my own races, can I use them in the campaign? Can I mod anything used in the campaign or does that screw it up? I can imagine any of the stuff I mod not being picked up to send my fleets off to the melting pot for others campaigns…as it wouldn;t know where to look… but if I invented a new race…like ‘The Federation of MyStuff’ could I play as that in the campaign?

If not…then I assume the official races can be used ( according to the FAQ on the GSB site) so I would be better off buying as many of the stock extra races as posssible to ensure my campaign has as much variety as possible.

Is there a pack that includes the whole thing? I have seen one with the Tribe, Order and Swarm…but not one that includes Nomads or the Galaxy Conquest bit. Is there one?

Personally, I haven’t got hold of GC yet. I believe, though, that you can use modded races in your own fleets, but they won’t be added to the pool of usable fleets other players can face. In turn, the ones you face should always only include the official races. Buying the expansions should thus (in theory) expand the number of possible fleets you could face.

Definitely, yes. You also would not be able to play certain challenges. Besides the different races are all cool in their own way.

The link following includes Tribe, Order Swarm and Nomads, but not the campaign. AFAIK that is only available separately. If you are looking to purchase through Steam, the deals might be different, not sure.

You can mod anything you want about the campaign. I’m using DarkStar’s Uni-T mod right now, actually. Damn overpowered 33,000 pt ships xD
Also, you can mod the core campaign files as well, change how it works.

That’s reassuring :slight_smile:

I can understand why I woudn’t be facing custom/modded fleets in Campaign, but as long as I can play as something I made that would do for me. More may get possible from what I am reading, but that would be enough to start.

As far as the basic races go, the more ‘DLC’ races I have the more varied my opponents can be, made up from the hulls and modules that are already there. So there is benefit to buying a few of those.

Will have to get myself sorted out now and get fighting!