Situation overhaul: New Good Situations, Merger of Bad Ones

Some of the negative situations could possibly be merged, such as Inner City Riots, Class Warfare and Race Riots, into a general Riot situation. The poverty issue is covered by Homelessness, and the racial issue by Ghettos. Tax Evasion and Black Market are more or less the same.

Some negative Situations that should be added for balance:
Farmer Protests: Caused by angry Farmers. Prevented by Police force, Military spending and Tasers. Causes severe traffic congestion and blocks international trade.
In the standard game, farmers are far too easy to neglect. In the real world, they block roads.

Corruption: Caused by low spending on Police and Prisons, and use of Police Weapons, Tasers and Private Prisons. Prevented by Jury Trials. Upsets poor and middle-income citizens, increases crime, and creates Vigilante Mobs.
Comment: With standard rules, prison spending and juries are of little use.

Foreign Threat: Caused by low Military Spending and no National Service.
Increases Oil Price, and hurts International Trade. Upsets Patriots, and increases number of Patriots.
Comment: In the standard game, Military Spending and National Service are of little use. This situation would be less random than military-related events.

Rust Belt: Caused by high Unemployment and Technology. Decreases Private Housing, increases Car Traffic. Prevented by State Housing, Rural Subsidies and Small Business Grants. Upsets Trade Unionists.
Comment: Other consequences of Unemployment can be lowered, to offset this situation.

Labour Shortage: Caused by very low Unemployment. Decreased by Immigration and more Work Hours. Damages GDP.
Comment: Too low Unemployment should also cause some trouble.

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