Situation unused text - only 2 texts from 3 are displayed in game.

Apparently each situation has 3 different texts:
First one describes situation (you can read it by clicking on situations)
Second one (never appearing in game) describes appearance of situation - its dummied out it seems.
Third one describes disappearance of situation (shown in quarterly report)

When situation pops in quartely report, it just says that situation has developed. In this place we could put unused text.

Lets say there is situation named Software Piracy (example).
When clicking on it from main interface we can read, that “piracy is stuff here” - this works fine.
When it pops in quarterly report instead of “situation has developed” we could put: “due to various causes software is getting pirated”.
When situation pops out in quarterly report, we can read, that “situation is now under control” - this works fine too (text pops by clicking on it), but instead of saying, that situation is under control we could directly put text about what happened to it.