Sliders for Modding? [BUG]

When trying to add a custom slider to a mod, none of the translation data seems to get through. It just has “not set” as the value at any point on the slider. @cliffski I didn’t see this on the Trello board so thought I’d bring it to your attention since I haven’t seen any mods that get custom sliders to work yet.


Aha interesting, i’ll look into it


Yup, similiar problem here. Changing the game languague to a languague not included in the base game, sliders are “not set”

Also have this issue, was there a fix for it?

Hey, I was wondering if anybody has figured it out how to add new sliders to the game, because i found
a file called “sliders” but i don’t get how it works, so if anybody knows please let me know.