Slot component requirements unnecessarily fluctuating?

Fairly new player here. How are the slot component requirements supposed to work? I’m noticing a strange situation with my “fit lights” slot especially. I currently have directional lights researched (and nothing else related), the slot upgraded accordingly, and model types making use of it. If I have a car that requires directional lights, the slot’s requirements depict this and call for four (4) directional light components (where the red Xs and green checks show next to the components).

When that car moves on, the requirements temporarily change to four (4) standard lights until the next car enters the slot. The standard lights are clearly shown in the requirements section with a red X, and the problem is that during this time the inventory system has called for the four (4) standard lights. When the next car enters, it switches back to four directional lights with a green check. I’ve since read that I’m probably being refunded for these lights that aren’t getting used, which is reassuring since they completely dissapear from inventory like they’re being used. I understand the version 1.54 will make this more clear. Even so, this seems like an inefficiency that is out of my control putting unneeded stress on resource delivery.

I’ve noticed other slots doing similar behavior as well. Another example is the “fit door panels” slot whose inventory completely fills up with door panels leaving no room for servos, alarms, and chips. After watching this slot, I believe it’s the same issue where only seats are requirements in between cars being in the slot. I’ve placed a stockpile nearby with these items, but it just seems silly that I constantly need to see popups about insufficient resources. Perhaps let the player directly control the distribution of local slot inventory?

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