Slot order after research

When you’ve researched breaking down the process but not all elements what is the correct order for slots?

E.g researching body specification gives some items on the “Fit body” slot but not all so do I run from Fit chassis to fit doors then onto fit body or what?

Not sure I’ve got the items correct but hope it makes sense.

Good question with a simple answer.

The layout is structured as per the menu ie, “Chassis Assemble” then “Fit Body”.
When you hover over “Fit Body” you will see the full sequence such as:
Fit Body Shell
Fit Hood
Fit Trunk, etc

Now when you start out you will only be able to place one large “Fit Body” station, but as you research and unlock more options you will be able to replace it with the individual components of that activity ( as mentioned in the list above).

The sequence will always be as it is in the menu, unless for example with “Paint” you do not want the “Polish” feature and have not included that in your vehicles specs.

I hope this helps.

Thanks - makes perfect sense

Always a pleasure buddy