Slot Statistics Improvements

While the pie chart that you see is helpful, it has some limitations that make it less useful than it could be.

  1. It only counts the last thirty seconds or so. This means that for slower running slots like Fit Body, it can’t even show you the breakdown of a single cycle.

  2. Strictly time based statistics means that, if a slot has long idle periods followed by short periods of activity, it can mask resource bottlenecks at that slot. On the other hand, if the running period is long enough, it can hide the fact that there’s any idle time at all.

To fix these, I propose that two sets of statistics be shown. One based on time, but on a long enough time scale that even the slowest running slots can have several full cycles recorded. Five minutes is probably long enough for this. The other would be best strictly on the last five complete cycles, from waiting to vehicle to when the vehicle leaves the slot.

“Waiting for resources” is also a less-than-informative category at the slot level. If I’m trying to identify which resources are holding up production, I’d like to know that it’s windows and not roll cages, for example. A list showing which resources are lacking and how long it takes to get them would be very helpful.