Hello guys!

I love this game, i love managing policies, taxes and so on!
I got only one wish here and that is, if someone can do a Slovenian country mod for this game? I’m bad at modding and it would take me ages to make something like that, that’s why i’m asking here. Is anybody ready, to do this for me and my friends who also love this game?


I can make for you “Slovenian” country Mod. It will be cost 30 euro.

Check my another mod

PM or email [2456426 at mail-on dot us] if you interested.

Hey! Check out the Slovenia v2016 MOD I made. You can use VANILLA and all three DLC’s to play. It is “optimised” to play with them. Let me know what you think.

Abailable on Steam modder: Delta041

You do understand that this is a MOD :slight_smile: Not a full game right? :slight_smile: If you charge someone 30 eur for a mod then Positech Games must get a cut of that money :slight_smile: Since the MOD does not work without the base game. :slight_smile: You are a joker! :smiley: