slow mouse pointer

I just bought kudos2 and it’s awesome. There’s just one problem with the mouse pointer. Whenever I click on the job search or evening classes function, the mouse pointer starts moving really slowly and jumpily (is that even a word?). Do you know what I mean? Has that happened with anyone else? If I exit the game and restart it, it’s fine again until I click on the above. Is there a way to permanently fix this?
Thanks for the help.

Hi, where did you buy the game? and do you know what video card and processor your PC has?

I am having the same exact issue. I only have the trial version at this point, from I didn’t want to purchase the full version until I could get it to run properly.

I have Windows Vista, 32 bit, Processor is AMD Athlon 64 XD Dual Core 4400+ 2.3GHZ, 3GB RAM, Video Card is NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE


I redownloaded and reinstalled my graphic card drivers, and downloaded the demo directly from here just in case that was the issue. I’m still having the same problem. Whenver I access the education, job search or extended statistics menus the pointer becomes very slow and very difficult to control until I exit the program completely. It works fine until I open those menus.

OMG its makes game play impossible.
I have an HP Amd2x 5000. NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE
I moved mouse speed all they way up to the fastest and it can still take me up to 30-40 seconds to get the cursor to get to the right place and close the cell phone, etc
It looks like an awesome game. But I cant play it yet.
Please tell me there is a way to get the cursor to respond without lag

PS Im a huge fan of Kudos

can you tell if its the mouse cursor or the whole game? In other words, if its raining, and you open those menus, does the rain slow down too? I’m trying to see if it’s somehow the CPU or the video card. It’s interesting that you both have the exact same video card though, it might possibly be a bug in the drivers for that specific card.
If you run the game in a window (hold down alt and hit enter/return) then it should work much smoother with the windows cursor.

The game runs fine. Only when the mouser needs to be exact does it give problems. (The vid card is the on-board graphicvs for HP slimline some models)
BUT!!! running it in windowed mode solves everything!!

My dude might actually get laid in this game???

Thanks Ed

Try running the game in windowed mode rather than full screen.
I noticed a small amount of “mouse lag” in full screen mode, but when I run in a window it is fine.

Something to try anyway.