Slow Mouse Scrolling

I was checking out the game demo and am very interested in buying the full version. However, on the main screen, my mouse cursor moves so slow that it’s difficult to get around.
Any suggestions?

I use a Intel Core2Duo processor and my video card is NVIDIA GEFORCE 7300 LE (not great, I know)

If I thought for sure the full version would not have this problem, I’d buy right now!

ALso, I tried to find this on the forums but did not see a topic for this game.

The full and demo versions will have the same performance. have you updated your video card driver?:
It might be that your video card just doesn’t have the required power, how much video memory does it have?

Thanks for the quick reply…the video card meets the minimum requirement and I do have the latest driver.

That being said, it seems the problem is not happening today :slight_smile:

sounds like some program in the background. If it’s vista, it’s likely disk thrashing. Make sure you turn vistas ‘indexing’ off, it’s useless and massively slows down your PC.

What do you mean it’s useless? It has to do something. What is it’s purpose then?

it supposedly makes searching your hard drive for files faster. But it makes a barely noticeable difference, at the expense of constantly thrashing your hard drive when you are not searching (99.99% of the time). I don’t know anyone who has left it switched on.