Small Bug in Mod Inflation

Today I recognized a bug in Mod "Inflation.
In text file: Hyperinflation.txt
1 = “_inflation,0+(0.7x)" (in line 10) has to change to 1 = "_Inflation,0+(0.7x)”

Furthermore in text file: _Inflation.txt
#,_Inflation,Inflation,“Measures the rising price of goods and services in your country. A small inflation rate is normal, but when inflation gets out of control, it can be followed by poverty, and, in the worst cases, a lack of trade with your nation. A high inflation rate is despised by everybody, especially the wealthy and capitalists.”,ECONOMY,0.4,0,1,1,,#,“Capitalist,0.4-(0.7x)","InternationalTrade,0.6-(1.0x)”,“WorkingWeek,0+(0.1x)","AverageIncome,0+(0.2x)”,“All,0-(0.05x)","Wealthy,0.1-(0.05x)”,

After the icon call will come one #, but in my opinion you have to enter ,#,#,
Of cause about this point I’m not so sure.