Small error

I had a small error today, just downloaded 1.08. A new friend has listed, under Kudos: -1.#R

Here is the screenshot:

Curious Error

the link seems dead, can you email me the image?

That’s odd the link works fine for me. I’ll email it now :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed a bug, also, but didn’t think to capture the screen - I saved and started a new game. In the first game I was a biologist at Xenotech. In the new game I did a job search, and the last job of the ‘Science’ area was Biologist (at Xenotech) but with no prerequisites. I applied and got the job, with no skills whatsoever.

Hmmm that does sound like a bug, I can see how that might happen (just for the job you already have). I’ll investigate.