Small Policy Change Suggestions

Firstly - What exactly is low, medium, high gay marriage, A better tag would be to have legal in public, civil union, and marriage for example.

Also for the National Monorail System - wouldn’t it make more sense for this to be called high speed rail?

A Policy for a state run postal service seems relevant

In the Party Name drop down - adding the Labour Party and the Conservative Party would be nice

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National Post Service is an option.
Its under Public Services IIRC

I definitely agree with the Gay Marriage policy. I think we could have the Gay Marriage and Ban Homosexuality policy rolled into one; I think it should have notches like Total Ban, No Legal Punishment, Civil Unions Recognized, Marriage Recognized, Positive Action.

I also think a number of Tax Policies could be more immersive by having them use percentages, preferably with decimals, instead of going from None to Low to Medium to High.

Organic Farm Subsidies should not affect health.
There’s no good evidence that organic food is more healthy (see )
either because of the growing practices, or the food itself. What matters is that food is fresh.

I’m not even sure that it should decrease Capitalist opinion or food prices either, since supermarkets are happy to stock organic/no-GMO food at increased prices.

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Subsidies should definitely bother capitalists.

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I’ll second VineFynn’s point that any subsidy should bother capitalists. I would also agree that there shouldn’t be any noticeable health increase. It should still impact food prices, as not all of the organic food goes to supermarkets, and even the supermarkets will pass some of their savings on for the sake of competition.

The real benefit should be environmental, as organic farming means less chemical run off.

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The idea that organic farming has overall environmental benefits isn’t necessarily true. It’s often described as one of the “myths” of organic.

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Well, I’m not an expert on the topic, but my expectation if I were to investigate would be that spraying large quantities of products that are intended to be poisonous would have harmful effects on the environment. Therefore, subsidizing competition who don’t use such chemicals would have benefits in that field.

Well Rabid you do have an opportunity to investigate what the experts say. Organic farms do use toxic chemicals, use up more fertilizer, and take up more landspace.
An overview at
A really good podcast called the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe sometimes tackles organic farming, for example