Small UI bugs

Hey, I noticed some small UI bugs that I didn’t see anyone mention yet.

I had a couple of them, I think, but I forgot to take screenshots of some of them, so I will look at those later and let you know. I have two at the moment.

The first one is a bug with the cost and income buttons in policies that have them both. Normally every interactable button, slider, etc changes the cursor from normal to the hand, so you know it is a link and you can click on it. With those two buttons, it doesn’t. They are still clickable though. I have a screenshot:

The alignment of the buttons also seems off, but I don’t know how it should look.

The other bug is in the election results, and I saw it once and I don’t know if I saw it again afterwards. It is that the minus, that shows a negative change, is showing like an underscore (_). I do have a screenshot for this one as well: Democracy4_2020-09-23_12-42-51.
I don’t remember more details for this one, I will check if it is still the case.

I do have an ultrawide monitor and run the game in 2560x1080, if that makes a difference. If you need any more information just let me know.

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Thanks for reporting these issues. The second one ia actually already fixed, pending the next update. I’ll fix the buttons, and align them