Smoking Age Limit?

I’m not sure if its already in the game but if its not wouldn’t it wise to shove one in? Have Anybody 14+ 16+ 18+ and 21+ or whatever ages you think are best.

That’s an interesting idea for a policy actually. What does everyone else think? There is a public smoking ban dilemma and the smoking tax, but this isn’t in there as I recall.

Would be the same sort of vein as the Drinking Laws policy, so it makes sense to me!

Sounds like a good idea, ditto the post above that says it would be a very similar idea to the drinking laws policy, but for smoking, obviously!

I’ll try and get one done…

I’d broaden it a little bit to incorporate elements of the public smoking ban - ie. how tightly tobacco is restricted generally.

A new smoking law policy was added to the game today, click the update button to have it added.

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