snap grid necessary?

Actually I was asking Myself weather the snapping to grid was necessary.
I found I quite more rewarding and interesting to set your own distances (+keeping them by holding fomations).
You could make a circle of ships around others or triangles without having to consider the grid.
To not to overly ships, one could easily snap them to a circle of minimum distance on ships is being to close to another.

Maybe I’m being silly but I really liked it as it was.
How do you all think about that?

The snap grid was introduced when ship-stacking was removed. While I also would like to not have to deal with the grid, I’d accept it as a necessary evil if it’s the only (best?) way to deal with ship stacking. Although, if that’s the case, it would be nice to have a smaller grid (higher resolution) or a grid with a different shape (say, triangles).

Yeah I thought so.

So a hexagonal grid would look nicer (for formations especially) and give more opportunities.

But why not just making sure that there is a ship free distance around the ship.
Also that would make sense since we have different sizes if them, would’t it?