Sneaky AI - tanked the market

An AI tanked my “Liver” market but was sneaky by burying it in an “ADHD” (psych) line.

I saw the notices about competitor producing the ADHD and barely noticed Liver Disease was in there too.

By the time I created my own Liver Cure, the AI had flooded the market. I figured I had patents+3 ability and didn’t see any Liver patents.
But, the AI has ADHD+CureLiverDisease!!! So now what? I have to create ADHD+CureLiverDisease Cure and patent it just to stop AI from flooding Liver market?!?

Admittedly, I should have looked at Liver Cure before making this, but based on above info, didn’t expect it to be made by any AI.

I must say that “Combats Liver disease” is an easy-to-blow market. Very low infection rate against very high cure rate (I usualy get 2 infected an 10 cured with just 1 production line at max concentration). I usually try to make it cost 0, it’s like a tradition.

All those weird mixes makes the patent system to be somehow weak, but don’t worry, AI’s can allways add some extra side effect to avoid the patent.

Ha ha, stupid AI. I can’t believe they kept producing it to the point it was cost $0!