So I bought a digitial piano...

But as an ex guitarist it’s HARD to learn piano. Since when do we use our THUMBS? and both hands are numbered in different directions according to my brain… And the whole syncopating both hands thing is a swine.
Maybe one day I’ll play as good as my fave keyboard player: … ed&search=

Any other keyboard players here? any tips?

I’m afraid I can’t sympathize with you too much. I played drums so the whole right hand/left hand - right foot/left foot independence thing comes pretty naturally. I also used to play a lot of guitar with my thumb over the top on the low E string, even though my guitar style is as far from blues as is conceivably imaginable.

Tips? Maybe revisit the guitar and learn some old country or blues. I’m thinking Robert Johnson, Skip James, etc. Since both the fretting hand and the picking hand are sort of doing two things at once, it might help with your right/left independence on a platform your already familiar with.

I stupidly ordered the book of dream theater sheet music, just because its my fave band and it would be nice to learn some of the simpler bits. Holy keyboards batman! this stuff is awesomely involved. having 4 different time signatures on one page does my head in. Plus that guy can really stretch his fingers