So new list of issues to report...

Relationship requests. PLEASE fix them.
Get a relationship request from someone and turn them down.
Next day, get the same request.
Next day, same request.

Goes on until they hate you.
Sorry, but that’s dumb. If someone gets turned down (unless maybe they’re a psycho ex) they should not be able to send another relationship request for AT LEAST a week. If ever.

Useless aspirations.
Master Job X, which is rank 1, while you’re in a rank 5 job.

You should never have an aspiration to take a job LOWER than what you currently hold.

There needs to be a list of who hates who. Seriously.
Half the people I know seem to hate the other half. There should be something somewhere for us to quickly see who will refuse to go to events because of other friends we have.

Oh, also forgot that the away mission thing seems to be broken.

I’m getting sent on them constantly for some reason. I haven’t had a normal work day in a week.

Hi Adam,

Yikes, sorry you’re experiencing all these issues! Are you getting relationship requests from the same person repeatedly, or from different people? Have you experienced this in more than one game? If it’s only been occurring in the same game, and it’s the same person, it might be that the game happened to generate a particularly annoying character. But, if it is happening repeatedly with lots of characters, let me know.

Does the away missions bug still happen if you reload the game? Or does it persist even then?

The social map gives some indication of who hates who, if you check the map for each of your Spacebook friends, so that will give you some idea.

Again, sorry for all these issues you’re experiencing, and I’ll see if I can get them sorted ASAP.

I’ve had the relationship thing happening in the last three games I played. Including one today, with the patched version of the game.

I’m getting it with different people. In my last game I had two different characters doing that. I had one going on and on until I removed them from my Spacebook friends.
But then another character started doing it.

The away mission thing seems to just keep happening. I saved, quit and restarted, and I just kept getting away missions.
My game settings are always with the away missions set to minimum.

As for the social thing, would it be possible to have a notice pop up when selecting people to invite? Something warning you that X doesn’t like Y?
Basically going through everyone’s social circle means lots of writing down who hates who and trying to keep track of all that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Adam, could you please send me your savegame? The away missions thing most definitely shouldn’t be happening, so I will take a look at this ASAP for you. Your savegame should be in My Documents/Saved Games/Redshirt – please zip up the entire folder for your character and send it over to, and I’ll take a look at what’s going wrong. Thanks!

I’ll see what I can do. I might have already written over it. I keep using the same name for my games. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if there is any other game in which you’re getting repeatedly sent on away missions, I’ll take a look at it.