So where do we pre purchase GSB 2?

Got your email saying you were taking pre-orders, but confused as to where to do it. Could you enlighten please?


Hi, we will be taking pre-orders (and giving beta copies out to people who pre-order) very soon, but not yet. We should have the game on pre-order by the 6th of February, if all goes well!

will the option for prepurchase be available on steam? if so, is it definitely the 6th? And if so, when do we get our delicious, delicious betas?

Hi, we won’t have orders taken through steam then, but anyone pre-ordering the game from our site will get a steam code ready for the final steam release.

Now, the hype is real!
Count me in Grand Supreme Ultra Admiral cliffski!

(BTW, who (of the modding community) make the import of the GSB1 races into GSB? ^^)

Ok it is LIVE:

First post—errr, I mean, first purchase. :wink:
All hail the early-bird - bought it only 2 minutes after the link went live.