So, which race do you prefer and why?

For me, it’s the Parasites (and formerly Federation). I just love the art style and their capabilities match how I like to play perfectly. So what do you prefer and why?

I’m particularly curious how many people play/like the Empire and Alliance. The Alliance mainly because I really don’t know much about them and the Empire because they always seemed a bit on the meh side to me (despite the visuals that I love).

So what does your faction have that really appeals to you?

For me it’s Outcast and Parasite.

Of the two, Outcast is arguably stronger. Especially because it has the Projector and Sniper laser.
I’ve seen battles when only using Outcast I can win.

Rebels. Although all their weaponry are vanilla their small cruiser hulls can make for nice cheap plasma/missile boats and the larger hulls can go toe to toe with most other races. The frigates are tiny, making frigates a little more survivable and fast. The fighters are all around decent although I find the search for the ‘ultimate’ fighter a rather useless race.

Next is Tribe. The Hull bonuses makes them all around winners for pure charging and CL spam. Frigate spam is boosted by Tribal repair units giving them a somewhat decent boost in a frigate skirmish. Again fighters are decent for what they do.

Slowly coming back

Xedilco? ^^

I use to be a Federation MWM spammer, with a few fighter escort ^^
First, their Star Trek look.
Second, they are the first unlocked ^^

I dont have the last DLC, thus i can’t tell if i like it or not. Some time has passed from my last play with only vanilla and DLC races, and i dont really know why, but i like a lot to mix my fast moving fleets with the nomads ^^

I am divided between Alliance and Nomads.

With the Alliance, I have built a very strong MWM fleet with anti-aircraft and anti-assault support. It has served me well.

With Nomads I just conquered that 47-planet galaxy using cheap fighters, quick assault cruisers and a similar but much weaker MWM fleet. I am sure I could do the same with almost all the other races, but I like the hull designs of Nomads almost as much as the Alliance art.

I fiercely dislike The Tribe. Overpowered and single-minded.

I am not sure which race I will try next, for the Expert campaign. I will probably try the same approach as above, but with another race. So I like the fighters to be as cheap as possible, a quick and versatile cruiser as assault ship and a hard-slot-heavy cruiser for the MWM. Any tips?

I personally like the Rebels. Awesome designs and a nice boost to my favourite stat: speed.

Second would probably go to the Federation, probably for the same reasons as GATC.


“Quantity has a quality all its own”

I’ve been mostly a Federation MWM-monkey here for a while, due to my efforts to climb the Veil Nebula scoreboard. But the Rebels are actually my favorite art-wise. Though I haven’t bought the Parasites yet, so we’ll have to see if they rock my world.

I dont have the expansion but I love the art and played one battle with the tribe it was my favorite. I love the federation too.

Love the rebels. Easiest to mod :3

Rebels, due to my mod being based around their art style. (Snow Pirates)

hah thats Stalin
do you like t-34s

Actually, if you’re going to use WWII armored vehicles as an example of “quantity has a quality all of its own,” you’d be better off using US armor rather than USSR T-34s, which was one of the best medium tanks of WWII. If you’re going to use WWII in general, though, USSR army tactics would certainly be one use of “quantity has a quality all of its own,” though.

More on topic:
I personally favor the Empire, followed by the Parasites and Outcasts, mostly for aesthetic reasons.

I’m a Rebel man, through and through. I’ve played every non-modded\ race except the last two DLC races. I’ve beaten the campaign with every race EXCEPT the tribe (and that’s only because to hell with the tribe, seriously. Too OP to bother with!) Their fighters are amazing, their hulls are perfect for me. Nothing not to love about them!

the t-34 was a highly mass produced tank. like every other soviet tank. so i guess you could say it a quantity and quality

on topic:
non mod, probably the rebels because, heck i don’t know
mod, probably the galactic empire i’ve had a number of amazing comebacks with the super star destroyer

Although I have all the expansion packs, I favour the Empire, because of their artistic style and because I find the stronger shields very useful in cruiser battles.

The Order shall smite you all!
Yep, also mostly for aesthetic reasons it is the holy Order. They are just most awesome looking :slight_smile: